Thematic route

"Discover the secrets of the forest"

Welcome to the thematic route „Discover the secrets of the forest”!

The route is arranged in a forest, public property of the Romanian State, administered by the Sibiu Forest Department subordinated to the Sibiu Forestry Directorate, included in the Natural Reservation „Dumbrava Sibiului Natural Park”.

Along the route you will find 18 QR codes.

Scan each QR code using your smartphone or tablet and you will find a lot of interesting information about the forest, in text and audio form.

Route features:

  • Length: 1 km;
  • Degree of difficulty: easy;
  • Journey time: 30 – 40 minutes;
  • Route type: linear thematic route.

Route regulation:

  • The visit to the thematic route is made on one’s own responsibility, in accordance with art. 54 paragraph (1) of Law 46/2008 („Pedestrian public access to the forest is allowed on the responsibility of the one who enters the forest only in landscaped areas, on trails and paths marked in this regard, on forest roads and in forests with protection functions, predominantly social.”)!
  • We are not responsible for any accidents!
  • In case of emergency call the number 112!
  • Wear appropriate footwear, over the ankle, with a hard sole. We do not recommend sneakers, heel boots, boots, etc.;
  • Leave the trace of your steps! Throw the garbage only in the specially arranged places on the route;

  • Every element in nature has its role! Do not tear flowers, do not scratch trees, do not crush insects or fungi;
  • Do not disturb the animals, do not make noise! Do not feed or photograph wild animals!


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