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The Small-leaved linden

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Which species do you think you have in front of you?

I’ll give you a little hint: it is one of the tree species whose flowers have a pleasant smell and from which you have surely drank at least once a cup of tea.

Congratulations! You figured it out!

You can admire the small-leaved linden or small-leaved lime, scientifically called Tilia cordata.

If you want to get your linden flowers for tea, this is a very good place where you can pick them.

The hill linden reaches heights of up to 20 m, the bark is grayish, smooth, later cracked longitudinally.

The leaves are 3 to 6 cm long, heart-shaped, the flowers are small, yellow. It blooms in June – July.

The fruits are 4 to 6 mm ovoid, with thin, brittle walls („they break between the fingers”).

The longevity of the linden is 200 years.

Did you know that...

  • Flowers, leaves, bark and charcoal obtained from lime wood are used for medicinal purposes. In ancient Slav mythology, the linden tree (lipa) was considered a sacred tree. In Poland, many villages still bear the name „ŚwiętaLipka” (or similar), in literal translation „Saint Lime”.

  • The small-leaved lime plays a significant literary motive in several poems written by Mihai Eminescu. Here’s a relevant quote from his poem, „One Wish Alone Have I”:

    ” (…..) While softly rings

    The wind its trembling chime

    And over me the lime

    Its blossom flings.”