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The pedunculate Oak

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Hello again!

Nature lover, it’s time to get to know each other face to face, and that excites me!

I would be happy for you to recognize my fellows in other places, which is why I want to introduce myself in more detail.

In general, people call me Oak, those who know me better call me pedunculate oak, and scientifically they call me Quercus robur.

Why pedunculate Oak?

Thanks to my fruit Acorn, which merges with the branch through a long stem, called the peduncle.


See, I got the suggestive name of pedunculate Oak.

Depending on the conditions in which I grow I can reach up to 50 m in height, and my roots reach great depths in the soil.

The stem is straight, with the bark cracked deep, longitudinally and transversely, the leaves have various lengths from 6 to 20 cm, and the acorns are from 2 to 4 cm length.

I develop very well on rich soils, I love the sun’s rays, but I have an increased sensitivity if I am shaded.

Instead, I adapt easily to the lack of rains for long periods. Can you figure out why?


It’s because of my deep roots. They cross the soils at great depths, where there is this valuable resource, the water.

I want to end by saying that my wood has exceptional qualities, being a hard wood, as such it is used in making wooden constructions, for the manufacture of furniture and not only.

Did you know that...

  • The oldest oak tree in Romania and eastern Europe is almost 900 years old and is located in Cajvana, Suceava.

    Cajvana, Suceava.
  • Almost two centuries oak wood has been used with great success in the construction of railways.