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Black elder

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In addition to large trees, there are also numerous species of shrubs in the forest, which provide a variety of benefits to the forest, such as:

  • they are an important source of food for the fauna that lives in the forest;
  • they help other trees to grow straight and thus produce a healthy and good quality wood;
  • they help keep water in the soil, etc.

Leaving aside the introduction, let me tell you about the well-known Elderberry, Black Elderberry or scientifically Sambucus nigra.

Elderberry is easily to spot during the growing season, in May the white, pleasantly smelling clusters of flowers appear.

Surely you have drunk at least once “socata” prepared from these flowers and if not, you must try it, it tastes great.

The flowers are followed by small, black fruits filled with purplish juice. The syrup or the jam made from these elderberries is also not to be missed.

Did you know that...

  • Elder loves moist, rich soil and sunny or slightly shaded places.
  • A French study published in 1983 proved that Elderberry dishes have a diuretic effect, and the fruits are mildly laxative.
  • Badgers rub their fur on elderberry roots to get rid of lice.