Thematic route

"Discover the secrets of the forest"


Route introduction

Foto: Robert MIHAI

Listen to the information here!

Hello, dear friend!

I am an old pedunculated oak tree, which will give you an introduction to the fascinating world of the forest.

Before I tell you about this complex world, I propose that we introduce those who gave me the opportunity to be your guide on this route.

These are the foresters of the Forestry Department Sibiu.

Do you know what the foresters do?

They guard the forest, take care of wild animals, provide the wood that people need, carefully harvest mushrooms, medicinal plants and ensure the regeneration of the forest.

As we proceed, I will be your guide and try to awaken your thirst for knowledge by introducing you to the amalgam of the forest.

Be careful and try to observe everything, starting from the smallest living things (beetles, birds, etc.), mushrooms, flora up to old trees like me, because only together we can call ourselves a FOREST!

Let’s go!

Did you know that:...

  • In Dumbrava Sibiului Natural Park there are many oak trees that are over 150 years old, including on the theme trail you are on?

  • In the Copsa Mica area, Foresters planted over 8 million seedlings, in this way restoring more than 1000 ha of forest affected by pollution. See picture below.