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Bird cherry

Foto: Robert MIHAI

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Next, I will introduce you to my buddy, the sweet cherry / wild cherry / bird cherry tree or scientifically called Prunus avium.

Why is it called bird cherry tree?

Thanks to its fruits, cherries that are an important source of food for birds living in the forest.

 Just like me, it is a tree that can reach great heights and can stretch its roots at considerable depths.

It has glossy, smooth bark and exfoliates into strips. The leaves have dimensions between 8 and 15 cm, white flowers, which bloom in spring in April – May, then transforming into those delicious, slightly bitter, red-blackish fruits.

It also likes light in abundance, fertile soils, but avoiding those with too much water.

I’ll tell you a little secret, to make a delicious jam, you need the fruits of my buddy and a skilled cook.


Did you know that...

  • Tea from cherry tails has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.

  • Tree species can be disseminated by animals, they eat the fruits and then they spread the seeds in various places, through their excrement.